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Resident of the Month - Dave Curry

Meet Dave Curry, Traditions' March Resident of the Month!

Dave was born and raised in scenic Logan, West Virginia. Located in the Appalachian Mountains, Logan County is home to the infamous Hatfield-McCoy feud. At the age of 18, Dave left Logan to attend college in the neighboring state of Kentucky. 

Moving to Traditions at Camargo

Dave, who has called Traditions at Camargo home for a little over a year, found his new home upon the recommendation of a friend who loved the vibrant downtown Madeira location. Before retiring and moving to Traditions at Camargo, Dave was an insurance agent in Naples, Florida, for 30 years.

Dave's Family & Hobbies

"I was married and divorced three times and had no children," said Dave. "I was very close to my mother. Unfortunately, all my family has passed away."

Dave made the most out of the Sunshine State, playing many different sports.

"I played softball, basketball, and soccer, but football was my favorite. Tennis and golf are hidden talents of mine. Oh, and I'm very lucky at the casino," chuckled Dave. These days, I enjoy playing Bridge and walking when the weather is nice. Camargo has a lovely outdoor patio, and I enjoy sitting outside in the sun in the summer." 

Living Life to the Fullest at Traditions

Dave said some of his favorite things about Camargo are outings to local restaurants, when Camargo's chef serves surf and turf, and shopping at Kroger. But what he looks forward to most of all is the last Wednesday of the month, when the residents go to the casino.

Dave says, "I am just a happy-go-lucky man enjoying my golden years."

Being Nominated for Resident of the Month

Stephanie Stoll, Camargo Community Relations Director, agreed, "We nominated Dave for Traditions' Resident of the Month because his friendly demeanor and genuine warmth make him a joy to be around. He consistently makes an effort to say hello to everyone. He acknowledges each person he encounters, which spreads a ripple of positivity throughout our community. This simple act of kindness fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness among residents and staff!"

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