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Our staff of professionals is trained in everything from the latest medical care and therapies to healthy and delicious meal preparation. Yet we make room for compassionate connection with residents to take precedence over the necessities of our job descriptions.

We are skilled professionals, yes. And we are here to connect with you in the spontaneous moments that make your life (and ours) more meaningful.


Executive Director: Brian R. Wurster

Brian comes to Camargo with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration. He is a Certified Dementia Practitioner with over four years experience in Senior Care Management including Memory Care and Activities. He grew up in Cincinnati and has a dedicated life of service with 26 years as a Firefighter, and demonstrated leadership as a Fire Captain.

He points to a favorite quote on dementia care from Dr. Alice Howland as inspiration: “I am not suffering. I am struggling, to stay connected to who I once was. So live in the moment I tell myself. It’s really all I can do. Live in the moment.”

Brian believes that social engagement, protection of dignity, choices, and ‘living in their moment’ are the keys to a higher quality of life.

Community Relations Director: Tonia Burton

Tonia comes to Camargo with close to a decade of experience in senior care. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner, a Certified Activity Director and has also managed in-home caregivers.

“Years ago, I was an insurance agent who volunteered at a senior center and enjoyed the residents so much, I made the decision to change careers. These seniors have such a legacy and so much wisdom to share with us. You just need to be open and approachable and build relationships. And doing things that may seem small, can make someone feel so special. Like arranging to Skype with a resident’s granddaughter during her wedding in Israel. It was so touching to see the look on her face. Those moments can make all the difference.”

Tonia was born and raised in Dayton, is the proud mother of three daughters and currently lives in Wilmington.