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Aging Parents & the Holidays: Time for “The Talk?”

As the holiday season begins, many adult children are preparing for their annual trip home to visit their aging parents or other older family members. One of the primary concerns leading up to any visit with aging loved ones is how they are managing daily activities in the home. More than often, there is the looming question of whether this will be the visit when it is apparent that these loved ones are no longer capable of living on their own.

Making the decision to have the “the talk” with a loved one about leaving the comforts of home and moving to a senior living community is not easy. Before starting a conversation about the option of a senior living community, here are three things to observe while visiting an aging loved one this holiday season:

  • Loneliness:Do you notice few visitors at the home? Social interaction is important for aging loved ones. Frequent visits from neighbors and friends increases mood, reduces episodes of depression and strengthens a sense of community. As family members age, they experience the loss of lifelong friends, which also creates a sense of loneliness.
  • Disorganized/Unsafe Home Environment:An important sign that it might be time to move an aging loved one to a senior living community is the condition of the home. Check the home not only to ensure areas are free of clutter and trash, but safe. Stay alert for fire hazards in the kitchen that have been left unchecked or items around the house that could cause a serious injury.
  • Declining Health:Chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and congestive heart failure require frequent care by a professional. Continuous treatment of chronic illness could reach a point where it’s overwhelming for family members and is better suited for a structured setting such as a senior living community.

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