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                  SERVICES & AMENITIES

        PLANS                                     NURSING SERVICES                                  Traditions has a specialized program for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s
        One of the best things about                    > Licensed nurses are on-site               and other age-related dementias. The Program is called VARIETAS®, and it is
        living in the Camargo community                 24 hours a day, seven days                  proven to maximize quality of life for residents.
        is that seniors can be as active                a week                                      The Varietas program is based on 4 principles:
        and as busy as they want to be,                 > Nurses oversee the delivery                                                                                                             Varietas
        with exercise programs, parties,                of all health care services
        entertainment, hands-on learning,
        outings, even daily happy hour.                 > Routine health status                           01                   02                    03                   04
        Taking care of yourself is even                 > Personalized Service
        easier when our Wellness Director               Plan updates
        creates a Personal Service Plan
        for you, assuring your current and        AROUND-THE-CLOCK SUPPORT                             Therapeutic             Social            Individualized           Family
        future healthcare needs are met                                                                Environment          Engagement                Care                Support
        with experience and compassion.                 > Bathing/showering
                                                        > Dressing assistance
        Each person who comes to
        Camargo has unique needs and                    > Grooming                                  KEY COMPONENTS OF THE VARIETAS PROGRAM:
        preferences. This plan may include              > Mobility/transferring                     Daily Routine - A structured daily schedule:
        resident or family concerns, as well
        as recommended assistance with                  > Dining assistance                               > Reduces agitation
        daily activities or personal care               > Medication support                              > Enhances Socialization
        services, all coordinated by our                > Emergency response system:
        24-hour licensed nursing staff.                 pull cords and pendants                           > Reduces isolation, depression and loneliness
                                                                                                          > Includes therapeutic recreation and positive stimulation
        We encourage open
        communication and teamwork                MEDICATION MONITORING                                   > Helps residents maintain or regain some life abilities
        between our residents, their                    > Medications reviewed                      BBET Program - Behavior Based Ergonomic Therapies:
        families, physicians and staff to               routinely by a licensed
        create the ultimate healthcare                  pharmacist                                        > Individualized care
        environment.                                                                                      > Reduces difficult behaviors resulting from agitation
                                                                                                          > Improves sleep

                                                                                                          > Improve appetite
                                                                                                          > Reduce need for medication use
                                                                                                          > Reduce falls
                                                                                                          > Promote engagement in activities

                                                                                                          > Enhance resident, family and staff interaction
                                                                                                    Family Support Groups - Monthly Family Support Meetings provide:

                                                                                                          > Shared experiences from other caregivers and family members
                                                                                                          > Validation and coping support
                                                                                                          > Reduced distress, depression or anxiety
                                                                                                          > A better understanding of what to expect through the disease process

                                                                                                          > Information on treatment options
                                                                                                          > Information that improves our care-giving
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